A excellent pair of rimless eyeglasses
What is a excellent pair of rimless eyeglasses? A nice pair of rimless eyeglasses should be air-light. Certain rimless frames can be only a few games. Rimless eyeglasses may appear to be very fragile, should be sturdy to take hits. Allergy-proof material should be used for the frame. Lens on rimless eyeglasses should be coated with the appropriate coatings since the lens edges are usually polished , light enters from all directions and would result in much glare if anti reflective coating is not there on the lens.

Extremophile mining for bio-ideas Bio-miners are looking closely at extremophiles, organisms that thrive in adverse environments, for exploitable bio-ideas. The gold rush mentality is endangering the extremophile habitats, though, and may cost humanity the lessons they have to offer us. Extremophiles comprise principally bacteria, which have the remarkable ability to thrive in conditions that would be hazardous to other lifeforms - extremes of temperature, radiation, salinity, and metal toxicity...One promising discovery is a glycoprotein which prevents Antarctic fish from freezing... Other Antarctic discoveries include an extract from green algae for use in cosmetic skin treatment, and anti-tumour properties in a strain of yeast.

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